Comedy for a Cause

Are you a non-profit or charitable organization?

Re: Fundraising

  • Sick of the usual bottle drive?
  • Is your bake sale tasting stale?

We bet you answered yes to at least one of these questions... The answer?

Comedy for a Cause!

Comedy for a Cause is your chance to fundraise for your charitable or non-profit organization! You can also have a whole lot of fun doing it!

How does Comedy for a Cause work? 

Your organization will take over The Comic Strip for an evening of chuckles and drinks. It's easy!

  1. We supply the tickets.
  2. You sell them to friends, family and members of your organizations.
  3. We make them laugh their heads off and you make some good money.

Please contact our box office for availability!

What makes it work?

Comedy for a Cause is a super-fun event! It's easy to get people involved because it's the perfect mix of work and play! No grannies handling 20 bingo cards with 12 dabbers 'round here! We give you unforgettable laughs along with your tax receipt!

Besides selling tickets, you do not have to worry about doing anything else. None of that hunting-down-volunteer business! We will be operating the door, leading your guests to their seats, and tending to their requests. We know how to give guests a good time!

What options can you pick from?

Want to make a TON of money? Here's how:

  • Host a live auction! Our emcee can help to facilitate it!
  • Arrange a pre-show cocktail party... it's sure to be a hit!
  • Sell tickets for a 50/50 prize draw.

The Comic Strip is more than happy to help with any programming details!

Wait... what details?!

Book your Comedy for a Cause any night of the week, except for Friday and Saturday! In very special situations, we may allow Friday shows.

For the first 25 tickets sold, The Comic Strip will receive $5.00 from each. Please note that you can sell the tickets at a price of your choosing. Once the initial 25 tickets are sold, The Comic Strip will begin receiving 50% of the ticket price. This is so that we can cover our staffing and entertainment expenses. Friday nights are the exception to this rule. Because Fridays are often more expensive for shows, The Comic Strip will receive 50% of the ticket price. Taxes have not been included in the pricing.

Any tickets that have not been sold must be returned to The Comic Strip.

Tickets are generally $16.50 on Thursday, though you can charge more if you would like. If you are able to sell the tickets for $20.00, the profit goes toward your organization.

On Fridays, prices are typically $24.95. Similar to above, they can be sold for more, with profit going to your organization.

How to make it a complete success?

  1. Send out invites to the members of your charitable or non-profit organization! Snail mail is super effective.
  2. Email and call your friends, family, and colleagues!
  3. POSTERS! POSTERS EVERYWHERE! Hang 'em up at your local hockey rink, coffee shop, or grocery store!
  4. Get yourself some merch for a silent auction! You could try out merchandise from a local sporting team, radio station, hotels, golf courses, or any one-of-a-kind event!
  5. Have a couple of extra hands on-deck for a 50/50 draw.
  6. Seek out sponsorship from local corporations or businesses!
  7. Tell the media! Try and get the event covered!
  8. Bring some promo materials about your organization! People looove pamphletes! Tell the crowd where their charity money is going!
  9. Bring signs and banners with you! Remind people of who you are!

Comedy for a Cause is an easy opportunity to raise money for your organization while having fun doing it. From minor hockey to The Children's Miracle Network, The Comic Strip is committed to giving back to the city they proudly call home. To arrange your own Comedy for a Cause Night for your charity or NPO, please contact The Comic Strip or email

It has never been more fun to raise money for an organization! Comedy for a Cause has supported minor hockey and even The Children's Miracle Network! The Comic Strip is dedicated to give back to Edmonton and area! Want to arrange your very own Comedy for a Cause?! Shoot Sarah an email at!

Who put the FUN in FUNdraising?! The Comic Strip did!

Organizations that have helped their Cause:

  • Easter Seals
  • The Dystonia Foundation
  • Edmonton Regional Search and Rescue Association
  • Tera Losa Social Club
  • FOTHI (Friends of the Head Injury Association)
  • Martial Arts and Sports Enrichment of Alberta
  • Red Cross Tsunami Relief
  • The Boys & Girls Club of Edmonton
  • The Heart & Stroke Foundation
  • The Crohns & Colitis Foundation

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