Seating for The Comic Strip is a combination of assigned and rush seating. It is based on the time that you purchased your ticket as well as the size of the group you are with. Pre-paid tickets will have guaranteed seating for up until 25 minutes before showtime. If you do not pick your ticket up by that time, they will be available for purchase from the public. Your seat will be assigned to you upon arrival. Early bird gets the worm, so they say! Tickets that are pre-paid will have tables prepared in advance; however, the place that you will be seated is determined by arrival time. Please let us know if you foresee any changes to your reservation so that we can accommodate appropriately.

If you do not pre-pay for your tickets, you will be sat in the best available section for your group's size. These tickets are first come first serve. If you show up a bit earlier, you have a better chance at getting the seat of your choosing. Several groups choose to host their events at The Comic Strip so we streamline the process to the best of our ability. Please reserve your spot as soon as possible to get the best seats in the house!

If you have seating requests, please let The Comic Strip know with ample notice so that we can prepare for your arrival. We give priority seating to those who are of limited mobility, including wheelchairs and disabilities.

Make your reservation by calling The Comic Strip's box office.


Showtimes & Prices

Purchase your advance tickets either over the phone with a credit card or online. The Comic Strip box office is more than happy to help you with your purchase if you have questions.

Please note that all ticket purchases are FINAL. We do not allow any exceptions to exchanges or refunds.

Young folk love their comedy, too! Keep in mind that you must be at least 16 to go to the earlier shows and at least 18 for the later shows. Identification is required upon arrival to confirm your age.

Comedy is incredibly subjective, so it may sometimes be taken as offensive. As such, it is not always appropriate for minors. We ask that you consider this when purchasing tickets.

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