Sam Tripoli


  • Tin Foil Hat Podcast

  • The Comedy Store Docuseries

  • The Joe Rogan Experience


  • TBA

**2 menu item minimum in the showroom per-person**

Early Show 16+/Late Show 18+

You must check in at least 15 minutes prior to showtime or your tickets may be sold, (only in case of a complete sellout). If your group is 4 or more please arrive 30min prior to showtime or your group may be broken up to seats available.

Service fees and tax to be applied in cart. Groups of 6 or more are subject to a 20% automatic gratuity charge. Performer may change without notice.

Tickets are non-refundable after purchase. Performer may change without notice.

About Sam:

Sam Tripoli is a 20 year headlining comedic who currently has five comedy albums out including his latest special “#NoLivesMatter!” He has appeared in the Movie “Dying Laughing”, Showtimes’s “The Comedy Store”, CW’s Mysteries Decoded & co-hosted Spike TV’s Wild World of Spike. Sam is an OG of the legendary The Ice House Chronicles and The Joe Rogan Experience podcasts.  

Since twenty-sixteen he has hosted "The Tin Foil Hat Podcast" a hit top rated comedy podcast which gave way to an additional 7 podcasts, Broken Simulation, Cash Daddies,  Zero, Conspiracy Social Club with Bryan Callen, The Union Of The Unwanted and Punch Drunk Sports! Sam is currently learning Krav Maga and how to live off the land.

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