Drive In Comedy Night

Do you miss the old Drive In? Are you itching for some live entertainment? Well we have the show for you! The Comic Strip along with K97 and WEM, have come up with the fantastic idea of bringing you a great stand up comedy and still follow the Covid-19 rules so everyone can get some laughs outside of the house and still be safe. That's right, we will have a full performance for you to enjoy and hopefully raise some much needed funds for the Edmonton Food bank. All you do is get your ticket online, hopefully you choose the Donation ticket, then on Tuesday May 26th, the show happens Drive In style. 

Please note we will be following all Provincial and Health regulations set for the Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing will be in place and enforced at the venue. We have a limited amount of parking available for the Drive In Comedy show, so please 1 vehicle per house hold. Please help support the chosen charity, via ticket donation or donation at the show.

One ticket is needed per car attending no matter how many people occupy vehicle.

- Strict parking distance rules will be enforced.
- Social distancing rules in effect
- No alcohol permitted
- We will be enforcing all Provincial and Health Regulations

The show prformance will be on the upper level near the theatre and K-97. Lot will have attendents directing parking and security will be assisting in making sure all rules are followed. 

Rules for Attendees:

People in Vehicles - If you do not live with each other then you should not be in the same vehicle together.

Windows - Only have the windows open a crack and only if you're smoking or your windows are foggy.

Respect - Please respect the staff on the site we are only trying to keep everyone safe.

Stay Inside - Do not leave your vehicle for any reason. Please no sitting in the bed of a truck or on the roof of the vehicle.

No Concessions - There will be no concessions on site so there is no reason to leave your vehicle. 

No Bathrooms - There are no bathrooms located at the venue.

Security - Will be on site to see that these rules and rules of the State are followed for everyone to have a safe and great experience. If any rules are not followed you may be asked to leave the event. 


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